• Joakim Olander

    Joakim Olander

    Developer that loves building great products with web technologies, currently crafting Teamtailor.com.

  • David Hanft

    David Hanft

  • Danilo Vaz

    Danilo Vaz

    Front-End Developer at mLabs, Co-Organizer of @frontux_sjc and @beerjsSJC, Ember Padawan & Mentor Front-End at @ct_org

  • Andre Brites Sanches

    Andre Brites Sanches

  • kumkanillam Lewis

    kumkanillam Lewis

  • Adam


  • Jonny Green

    Jonny Green

    Creative technology director specialising in digital projects for the film, broadcast, advertising and design industries (and anyone else nice)

  • Krzysztof Kempiński

    Krzysztof Kempiński

    IT expert. Ruby on Rails/iOS/Elixir programmer. Blogger. Podcaster.

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