Surprise your users with a typo-tolerant search. Let them know that you care about them and you’ll try to do your best to show some results.

Hero image with “thypo torelance” as a misspelled form of “typo tolerance”

Hero image with two tabs in a browser saying “(1) Titles can do more than you think”

I cry when feature flags don’t want to die

Woman in front with opened mail behind. Mail is surrounded with icons representing rich emails with gifts, charts, media, etc.

Email tech is bad

A bunch of people is adding Alignment meeting to a calendar. Instead of a regular cross icon they use Tomster’s face.

Who enjoys meetings?

Highlight text in JavaScript

Ember & Phorest logos connected with a plus symbol

A bit of background

People just before a start

Tomek Nieżurawski

I connect humans and machines. Usually write about interfaces, digital products, and UX on Founder of A bit nerdy 🤓

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