Surprise your users with a typo-tolerant search. Let them know that you care about them and you’ll try to do your best to show some results.

Hero image with “thypo torelance” as a misspelled form of “typo tolerance”

Hero image with two tabs in a browser saying “(1) Titles can do more than you think”

Site name

I believe you should put the site name into the page’s title because that’s going to…

The old way, and the right way

The headline of this section may suggest that the old way and the right way are two different…

I cry when feature flags don’t want to die

That’s the biggest managerial mistake I see. Feature flags have to end their life. But sometimes developers are asked to show a certain feature only to a group of users.

Woman in front with opened mail behind. Mail is surrounded with icons representing rich emails with gifts, charts, media, etc.

Email tech is bad

I don’t know a front-end dev who enjoys creating templates for emails (they rather hate it). It’s just the dark ages again. There are many poorly written email client engines in the wild (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) and that’s even worse than browsers in the hardcore times of IE6–9.

A bunch of people is adding Alignment meeting to a calendar. Instead of a regular cross icon they use Tomster’s face.

Who enjoys meetings?

Once a sprint, in the first week of work we gather all our front-end developers for an hour and talk about stuff that connects all our tribes (teams): Ember and front-end codebase.

Highlight text in JavaScript

Ember & Phorest logos connected with a plus symbol

A bit of background

Phorest is a company with a product that has evolved a lot in the last decade. Its main application is a desktop app that talks to a database in the Cloud (AWS). Being in the process of moving that desktop app to web, we had to choose (and bet on) a front-end framework that will help us accomplish our goals quickly and with high quality. Ember was that choice.



People just before a start

1. Use version control — git

We start with an obvious one. Even if you don’t work on software…

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